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Welcome to CVCA – Capital Rants

Welcome to CVCA – Canada’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Association new blog – Capital Rants. With over 1500 members, the CVCA is a leading source for advocacy, networking, information and professional development for venture capital and private equity professionals. We have come together to launch the CVCA blog in preparation for our Annual Conference; this year’s theme is “The Face of Change”. The “Face of Change” will explore the “triggers to change” that impact our industry, including revitalized industries, global competition, and the birth of venture capitalism in technologically developed countries. Each month we will host a variety of topics that affect you as an industry specialist and showcase Canada’s brightest minds.

As a leading source of private capital information, the CVCA – Capital Rants blog will be a place where fellow VC and Private Equity Investors can offer their business insights, share their opinions and comment on whattruly matters. We will be featuring guest bloggers to touch on subjects that embody the content and overall insight of the program. The blog is a simple way to develop a presence in the marketplace while also staying on top of current trends and strengthening your relationships with other industry professionals.

Our ultimate objective is to generate an ongoing discussion between professionals and industry experts and discuss the improvements for the future of Canadian and global venture capital and private equity industries. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and to having you join us on our newest undertaking.

Your’s truly,

CVCA Blogmaster